Watch My Feet Performance Group

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The LeaderShop proudly presents “Watch My Feet,” our performance group

This diverse group helps shape high school students into leaders through positive engagement with their peers and in the community.

Through skits, music, and dance, these teen leaders address topics of relevance to their peers, helping teens in the audience develop their own leadership skills. “Watch My Feet” participants are inspired to be compassionate toward others and empowered to develop the competence to live life as leaders.

Click HERE to watch a YouTube video about the group.

Interested in booking “Watch My Feet”? Click to email Matt Schiavone

Interested in joining “Watch My Feet”? Click to email Danielle Sanchez

Auditions are held in May each year for the upcoming school year. “Watch My Feet” rehearses year-round in order to be ready for performances early in the school year.

Organizations wishing to book performances will receive a contract with details, including booking fees, which typically are $300. Shows can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes and can include teaching one or more of the dances.


Topics Covered by The LeaderShop’s “Watch My Feet” Performance Group

Positive Decision Making Alcohol and Drug Use Bullying and Cyber Bullying
Prejudice Personal Choices Eating Disorders
Sexuality Suicide Depression
Driving Sober Time Management Social Networking Etiquette
Coping with Parents Impact of words & Inappropriate Words Rumors and Gossip
Diversity Teen Pregnancy Race and Race Relations
Affecting Change Life Lessons Growing Up
Dating Violence Domestic Violence Partying
Healthy Relationships Community Resources Consequences
Staying in School Cheating STI’s

Youth from The LeaderShop’s “Watch My Feet” performance group speak:

“I’m here because I want to help make a difference. I’ve met a lot of good people that changed my life. I’m here because it’s somewhere I can come and let go for a second. I’m here to become a better person.”
“I come to Watch My Feet because I like being able to get to know all these other people that I would never have had the chance to meet…Also I think it is important to go to different schools to perform and prove to people what students and teens are capable of. Teens truly have the power to do anything and some of our audience need to realize that.”
“Watch My Feet has kind of become my second family and they rock my world! I feel like they are the only group of people who truly accept me as I am and I feel that this is a truly great group.”
“This is my second life! The Leadershop is my second family! Why wouldn’t I be here?”
“I’m in Watch My Feet because I love meeting new people and fun while doing it…Watch My Feet is such an inspirational group, I think it made me come more out of my shell. I’ve never felt so comfortable.”
“The people, the relationships, the love, the message, the performances, the person who I become when I’m here.”
“I’m here to represent my school at the community level….I wanted a way to serve more outside of the school.”
“I joined Watch My Feet because it has inspired me to do better….I wanted to make a change.”
“I come to Watch My Feet because ever since fifth grade I’ve seen them perform and wanted to be a part of something so inspiring. Helping youth is what motivates me the most, just the fact that I could of maybe saved someone’s life makes me feel amazing.”