Teen Leaders

  High School students who demonstrate the maturity and interest in furthering their leadership skills are invited to participate in a more advanced leadership training. The Teen Leader program builds upon the skills youth learn at one of The LeaderShop Conferences and at other trainings, only on a more one-to-one basis. Teen Leaders lead programs and conferences for younger participants. For example, Teen Leaders assist staff at the Junior High Leadership Conference and at anti-bullying trainings at local elementary and junior high schools.

Contact Cat (CatL@theleadershop.org) to learn more about the Teen Leaders Program.

Teen Leaders meet monthly for Workshops to learn and hone skills to be effective leaders. Recent topics include Respect, Self-Awareness, Effective Small Group Leadership, Leading Energizers, Networking, Sensitivity and Leading Ice Breaker Games.

Teen Leaders Talk about Their Training:

“I felt so much more confident at this training than any other.” “I’m so glad I came to this. It opened my eyes to the things people go through every day that they cover with a smile. It made me so grateful for my life and blessings. “This is one of the best things I did all summer. I got the chance to meet new people and I got to see people who have the same background as me.” “I love The LeaderShop!”