The LeaderShop offers a variety of programs designed to help today’s youth build confidence, knowledge and leadership. Click each bar below for a brief description of each program.


Building Confidence

Girls Group

Girls Group is a health education, peer support, and fitness centered program for high school girls. Participants engage in small and large group discussions, fitness activities, leadership activities and volunteer service.

Girls, interested in participating? Contact Cat LeBeau

Guys Group

Guys Group brings together high school boys to discuss topics of health education and build positive peer support through group discussion and activities.

Guys, interested in participating? Contact Katie Wiseheart


This program establishes a one-to-one relationship between a screened, trained adult volunteer and a child (ages 5 through 12) in need of additional adult contact, guidance and support.

Children in the program come from variety of backgrounds: single-parent households, group homes, and traditional two-parent homes. All have a need for extra support.

Volunteers also vary by age, cultural backgrounds and interests. In an effort to create the best match possible, youth and adults are matched by the Mentor Coordinator according to their interests, not by length of time on the waiting list.

The expectation is that the match will meet weekly for at least a year.

Interested in becoming a mentor or enrolling your child? Contact Cathy Pierson

"Watch My Feet" Performance Group

A unique performance group composed of diverse high school students from four area high schools, "Watch My Feet" brings messages of hope and leadership to other young people throughout the community.

Troupe members have the opportunity to participate in workshops and training sessions that increase their artistic abilities in script writing, stage presence, acting, and dancing.

The power of peer-to-peer education helps "Watch My Feet" inspire youth to seek positive solutions to situations they may encounter in their lives.

Interested in auditioning for "Watch My Feet"? Contact Danielle Sanchez

Interested in booking a "Watch My Feet" performance? Contact Matt Schiavone

Building Knowledge

After School Program at La Grange Community Center (200 Washington Ave, La Grange)

K - 8th grades

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:30 to 5:00 PM at The La Grange Community Center, 200 Washington Avenue, La Grange (click for map/directions)

Wednesdays: 3:00 to 5:00 PM at The LeaderShop office, 4903 S. Willow Springs Road, La Grange

Program Coordinator: Matt Schiavone

After School Program at The LeaderShop (4903 S. Willow Springs Road, La Grange)

1st - 8th grades

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm, at The LeaderShop, 4903 S. Willow Springs Road, La Grange

Program Coordinator: Cat LeBeau

After School Program at Graves Elementary School (6021 S. 74th Street, Summit)

1st - 8th grades

Mondays and Thursdays, 2:45 to 4:30 PM, at Graves Elementary School, 6021 S. 74th Street, Summit (click for map/directions)

Program Coordinator Danielle Sanchez

Building Leadership

High School Leadership Program

High school students from Argo Community, Lyons Township and Riverside Brookfield High Schools as well as Nazareth Academy are given the tools to become leaders through our day-long High School Leadership Conference, which is offered at the beginning of each school year.

After this Conference, participants meet as a group to plan ongoing service projects that benefit their school, the local community, or international organizations.

During the school year, High School Leadership meets every other Tuesday, 6:00 to 7:00 PM at The LeaderShop. From June to August the schedule varies.

Interested in The LeaderShop's High School Leadership Program at your school? Contact Katie Wiseheart

Junior High Leadership Program

Eighth grade students from 14 local junior highs to participate in the Junior High Leadership Program. This program is very similar to, but not as advanced as, the High School Leadership Program.

Junior high students participate in an all-day Junior High Leadership Conference and then meet with the other students at their school to plan service projects. The students brainstorm ideas and then select projects that will benefit their school or community.

Interested in the Junior High Leadership Program at your school? Contact Katie Wiseheart

Junior High Schools participating in the program: Gurrie, Heritage, Highlands, McClure, Park, Pleasantdale, S.E. Gross, St. Cletus, St. Francis Xavier, St. John of the Cross, St. Joseph, St. Louise, Wilkins and Willow Springs.

Teen Leaders

High School students who demonstrate the maturity and interest in furthering their leadership skills are invited to participate in more advanced and intensive leadership training that will enable them to become leaders at programs and conferences for younger participants.

From facilitating small groups to leading "energizers", participants are given the tools and skills to lead their peers.

Interested in learning more about Teen Leaders? Contact Cat LeBeau