Planned Giving

Our Legacy Society

If you name The LeaderShop as the beneficiary of any of the gifts listed here, please let us know and will proudly name you as a member of our Legacy Society. Your membership in this group will demonstrate your commitment to The LeaderShop’s mission beyond your lifetime. We recommend that you consult your financial advisor and we are happy to work with you to help plan your gift. Thank you for your generosity!

Make a Lasting Impact for Local Youth

You can help change lives by including The LeaderShop in your estate plan—and maximize the benefits for you and your family. Most importantly, you will make an enduring investment in The LeaderShop and the youth we serve.

Please email Alan Morales, Executive Director of The LeaderShop, or call him at (708) 579-5898, to discuss any of these planned giving options:

A Bequest in your Will

You may name The LeaderShop to receive a bequest in your will through either a predetermined sum amount or a percentage of your estate. You may leave this gift to benefit the general operation of the organization or you may designate a specific program or purpose for which you would like this gift to be used.

For example: “I give, devise, and bequeath The LeaderShop in La Grange, IL (the sum of $_____), or (____ percent of my estate), to be used for its general purposes.”

A Gift through Life Insurance

You may name The LeaderShop as a beneficiary, co-beneficiary, or contingent beneficiary of an existing policy, or add The LeaderShop as a remainder beneficiary in case the primary beneficiaries do not survive the policy holder. You may also give ownership of a paid-up policy to The LeaderShop and enjoy a tax deduction, or may purchase a policy and irrevocably name The LeaderShop as owner and beneficiary.

If you pay for annual premiums on a policy owned by The LeaderShop, you benefit from the annual charitable deduction for the amount of the premium. To establish this type of gift, simply request a “change in beneficiary designation” form from your insurance provider or name The LeaderShop as the beneficiary on a new policy.

A Gift of Stock or Other Securities

Please email Alan Morales, Executive Director of The LeaderShop or call him at (708) 579-5898 for more information about donating stock to The LeaderShop.

Or, donate online now