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The LeaderShop envisions an ever-growing network of youth energized by service and responsibility to self, community, and the world!

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 Why I Give:

Donors Say...

"The LeaderShop helps teach my kids what's important in life."

"My son had a great time on the work trip. Thank you!"

"To help the community"

"I'm an alum, and The LeaderShop was like a second family during high school, and allowed me the opportunity to have a diverse group of friends that I respected."

"To support a good cause"

Youth say...

“I walk into the office and it is as if I have walked into a safe-haven. I can be myself without worrying about being judged. I am surrounded by non-judgmental, kind teens who all have a common goal: Change Lives.”


“Volunteering means a lot to me. I love the feeling of being able to help the community and other people. Volunteering means to me being reliable, respectful, and hard working. I’m glad to be part of The LeaderShop and volunteering and I am going to continue...being a good citizen in my community and helping others.”


“Never would I have thought that an agency could have such an impact on my life. I was a shy, unsure kid who didn’t know how I could make a difference in my community. However, after participating in programs at The LeaderShop, I am a much more confident individual who is sure that change can happen in a community.”

Youth and Adult Volunteer Hours Say It All!

Youth and adult volunteers donate their time, efforts and enthusiasm to carry out the mission of The LeaderShop. Because of the selfless time spent by all, The LeaderShop completed 14,647 hours of volunteer service in the community!
This has been another great year for The LeaderShop family! Thank you for all of your support!
Many Thanks to Our Committed Community Partners!