Do you remember what it felt like to be a part of The LeaderShop/CEP? Over the years the same words are used to describe the experience. Words like “confident”, “part of a family”, “a leader”, and “making a difference” are common threads dating back to the 1980’s through today.

Below is a sampling of the results of our most recent high school survey. I hope these responses bring back great memories of the time you spent with us as a teen and remind you just how much The LeaderShop/CEP truly does change lives.

What do you like best about The LeaderShop?

  • “Being able to communicate with my peers in an environment where we help our community.”
  • “What I like about The LeaderShop is the diversity.”
  • “We can all come together and be one be happy family.”
  • “The different programs and opportunities we are given. There’s lots to do, and whenever you feel like helping someone in need, dancing or acting, talking about societal issues, or just hanging out and playing flag tag with people of all ages The LeaderShop is always open and positive to everyone.”
  • “What I like most about The LeaderShop is how safe it feels when I’m there. I know I can relax and be myself and not get judged for it.”

How does being a part of The LeaderShop make you feel?

  • “Being a part of The LeaderShop make me feel more confident and overall makes me feel like a better person.”
  • “Being a part of The LeaderShop makes me feel as if I’m making a difference. When I perform or do volunteer events seeing the reactions on people’s faces is priceless.”
  • “More confident in myself because I know that becoming a leader takes hard work and dedication and building that through the different programs give me motivation and a belief in myself to make a difference.”
  • “Complete.”
  • “It makes me feel happy.”
  • “I love it! I feel so accepted and loved. No matter how bad my day has been I can come to The LeaderShop and feel better instantly.”
  • “Good about myself.”
  • “It makes me feel part of a close-knit family/community.”
  • “Being a part of The LeaderShop has made me feel like I have a voice and I can use it.”